We reported briefly at the weekend about the cancellation of Any Questions (and, as a consequence, of Any Answers). Just as the blog was wondering what happens in these situations (is there, for example, a whole alternative universe of programmes in reserve for every eventuality?) Katy Hubbard, Presentation Editor for 4 and 4Extra, popped up on PM with the answers.

    Paul Murphy is the acting editor of the Radio 4 blog

    • The picture is from the BBC archive and the caption reads: "Picture shows - European Presentation Department, which is responsible for studio and transmission arrangements.Mr J Foreman gives instructions to a studio manager. 1943"
    • Transport allowing, Any Questions will be back on Friday at 2000 (and again on Saturday at 1310, followed by Any Answers at 1400).

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    • Comment number 1. Posted by philocleanthes

      on 20 Apr 2011 15:31

      Add your comment. Paul, perhaps you could whisper into Blog's ears that if the one universe doesn't turn up any Any ?'s, then it shouldn't pull its tentacles out coz the guys of the fancy equations tell us that there could a whole load more bouncing about. Whatever happens, it looks like the Any's are here ad infinitum.

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