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    What do you do when a programme is cancelled?

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    We reported briefly at the weekend about the cancellation of Any Questions (and, as a consequence, of Any Answers). Just as the blog was wondering what happens in these situations (is there, for example, a whole alternative universe of programmes in reserve for every eventuality?) Katy Hubbard, Presentation Editor for 4 and 4Extra, popped up on PM with the answers.

    Paul Murphy is the acting editor of the Radio 4 blog

    • The picture is from the BBC archive and the caption reads: "Picture shows - European Presentation Department, which is responsible for studio and transmission arrangements.Mr J Foreman gives instructions to a studio manager. 1943"
    • Transport allowing, Any Questions will be back on Friday at 2000 (and again on Saturday at 1310, followed by Any Answers at 1400).

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