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    Head of Interactive, Radio 3

    The blog is picking up momentum. In addition to regular posts from our Controller (35 posts so far - about six per month) we've had 128 posts all together, from programme makers, presenters, commissioners, managers and even a handful of outsiders (like yesterday's lovely post by Margie Tunbridge, a 'plinther').There have been lots of housekeeping posts and round-ups and behind-the-scenes photos from me and a really gripping two-month flurry of posts and comments and responses all about the Radio 4 web site's redesign (Doh! I've mentioned it again).

    We've tackled some fairly big topics (at least in Radio 4-Land), like the cancellation of Go 4 It, repeats, commissioning (or not commissioning) political drama, pulling a programme at the last minute and giving airtime to controversial figures.

    And one of the exciting things about airing these issues on the blog is the breadth and quality of listener feedback that results - I'd invite you to follow the links above and read the comments. I always make sure that the right people at Radio 4 are aware of these useful and well-informed responses: they're important. The biggest topic so far? The web site redesign, by several miles (and especially the size of the pictures). That produced over 500 comments. I've answered (and sometimes failed to answer) dozens of direct questions from listeners, usually by ferreting out the right person at the network and asking them. In this, I think I'm something between a 'listeners' editor' and a customer service rep.

    So, I'm just planning the next couple of weeks on the blog and I've already got posts lined up from Food Programme presenter Sheila Dillon, veteran BBC business guru Peter Day, legendary actress Miriam Margolyes and a post about BBC Security correspondent Gordon Corera's new spies programme so it's all looking very interesting indeed.

    What I'd like to know from you, though, is who else I should get to write for the blog and which subjects I should tackle? Do you want to hear more from behind-the-scenes at Radio 4? More programme previews and posts from Radio 4 talent? Or would you rather we focused more on accountability and feedback: keeping the network honest? And how about our use of Twitter? Have you tried it? Would you like to see more or less of this sort of thing?

    Or should we be doing something else all together? Please leave a comment here on the blog or, if you're that way inclined, send us a message on Twitter. I'll round up responses here on the blog once a few have come in.

    • The Radio 4 group on flickr has pictures from all over Radio 4.

    • The picture shows four Radio 4 figures: Kathy Clugston, announcer, with her Ukulele in a Broadcasting House studio, Fran Barnes, producer and beekeeper, with the Farming Today bees, Elvis Costello on Loose Ends and Evan Davis, recording The Bottom Line.

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