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    Feedback: Are big radio events worth it?

    Some of the cast from Radio 4's production of the epic Life and Fate

    To be honest I had never heard of it, but ex-controller Mark Damazer insists that it is one of the greatest 20th century novels, and he commissioned dramas and documentaries about it before he left for a new life at an Oxford college.

    Even so are such blockbuster radio events worth it?

    That's one of the issues we looked at this week, and I had hoped it would give me the opportunity of meeting two of the stars, not Kenneth Branagh and David Tennant, but Janet Suzman and Greta Scacchi. But I was disappointed.

    Also this week we report on the latest outbreak of discontent among some Radio 3 listeners who think "their" network is using too many gimmicks in the attempt to attract new listeners.

    "Don't alienate the ones you already have", is their message to the Controller of Radio 3, Roger Wright.

    He is coming onto Feedback in a few weeks so do let me know what you think about the changes he has just made to his schedule.

    Meanwhile here is the Feedback feature on Life and Fate.

    Roger Bolton presents Feedback


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