Curation is going to be one of the big words of 2011. Everyone's at it. My Saturday newspaper offers to 'curate my weekend', chefs 'curate lunch'. Every time we share a link or a music track with friends we're 'curating the web'. Real curators, of course, will object to such imprecise use of the term but it does seem to be useful in describing the pulling together of links, reviews, reactions and background that we often do here on the BBC blogs.

    Jem Stone, whose day job is running social media for BBC Radio, has been experimenting with one of the emerging crop of 'curation tools' (this one's called Storify, there are several others. We'll try them all) so I've asked him to assemble a page of useful context for Rory Cellan-Jones' fascinating 'The Secret History of Social Networking'. Let us know what you think. A useful addition to the broadcast output? Or another distraction?

    The application is a pre-release (beta) version and you may find some glitches in the presentation of links etc. so please leave a comment if you spot one.

    Steve Bowbrick is editor of the Radio 4 blog

    • Listen to the first episode of The Secret History of Social Networking on the Radio 4 web site.
    • The picture shows the Mick Jones public lending library, an exhibition of pop cultural ephemera curated by the Clash guitarist in 2009.

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