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The live chat has now closed and will be archived here permanently. Click the replay button to see all of the tweets published during the chat.

It's Internet Week - a huge annual event that celebrates the net in all its variety. Radio 4's small contribution to the week is to line up a Radio 4 legend (and, not incidentally, a man with impeccable geek credentials) for a live Twitter chat.

Between 1 and 2 pm today, Tim Bentinck, software developer manqué, harried minister in The Thick of It, cowboy in a recent short feature and - you won't need me to remind you - David Archer in The Archers since 1982, will be answering questions about his career, his roles and his interest in the net.

To join in and ask Tim a question, tweet using the hashtag #BBCiWeek. Tim will be following the hashtag and will answer your questions - in 140 characters or fewer!

If you're not on Twitter, you'll still be able to watch the chat right here on the blog. And if you'd like to contribute a question, leave it as a comment here and I'll relay it to Tim using this length of bailer twine and a feed bucket.

Steve Bowbrick is editor of the Radio 4 blog

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