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    I hope he won't be embarrassed if we meet in Berkhamsted High St, my local town, but I love Ed Reardon, so I was delighted to meet his co-writer this week, Andrew Nickolds.

    We were squeezed into one of those small BBC studios designed for down the line interviews, along with the Commissioning Editor for Radio 4's comedies Caroline Raphael.

    As there were only 3 chairs my producer stood, which is good for her soul if not her back. Down the line in Cardiff was the writer and performer, Katherine Jakeways, she of North by Northamptonshire.

    We were there to discuss comedy and the Radio 4 audience, following two weeks of rather heated debate about the merits of Count Arthur Strong. Some listeners seemed to be prepared to die for him, while others wished to slit his throat. So I began by asking Ms Raphael why she had commissioned the Count in the first place? This is what followed.

    Also this week I talked to BBC Trustee Richard Eyre about a review the Trust is conducting into BBC complaints procedures. Many listeners find the present systems confusing and long winded. The consultation ends in two weeks time so here is a link to the Trust website where you can find details of how to take part.

    Finally, next week on Feedback I will be talking to the Controller of Radio 4 Gwyneth Williams. I will certainly ask her about the lunchtime schedule changes she put in place which involved extending the World at One by 15 minutes and moving or cancelling the half hour programmes which had started at 1:30pm.

    I'll also ask her about her proposed changes to Saturday mornings.

    And the rest is up to you. I am your servant, please use me. Just email

    Happy Easter

    Roger Bolton

    Roger Bolton presents Feedback on Radio 4

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