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    Feedback: Does it matter where a radio station comes from?

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    Does the location from which a radio station is broadcast significantly affect its sound and content?

    If you are talking about Radio Merseyside or Radio Cumbria the answer is obviously yes. If they don't sound local and deal with local issues, they won't have an audience.

    But what about a UK-wide station?

    So far it's been difficult to tell as they are all based in west London.

    In the autumn this will change as Radio 5 live completes its move to the Salford Quays, a couple of miles from the centre of Manchester.

    In Feedback this week I talked to the Controller of the station about what changes he expects to result from the move and whether he himself will be moving permanently to the North West.

    Before the move has been completed 5 live has found itself being criticised by its commercial rival Talksport.

    This must rankle a liitle since Talksport has just won the Sony award for station of the year, previously held by - yes - 5Live.

    The main thrust of Talksport's criticism is about what its rival news considers to be news as well as its obsession with soccer to the detriment of the minority sports the public service network is also supposed to cover.

    Of course there is an element of self-interest in these criticisms but they are echoed by some Feedback listeners.

    When I met Adrian Van Klaveren, the Controller of 5 Live, I put some of these questions to him.

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    Roger Bolton is presenter of Feedback

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