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    Changing the weather

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    For quite some time we've been musing about the weather on Radio 4.

    We know it's a very important part of the schedule and I am frequently assailed by listeners who think we don't give it enough attention, are not clear enough or are negligent about their part of the country - and more. Much more.

    Last month PM and iPM tried various different ways of doing a weather forecast - and there was a great deal of audience reaction. Peter Gibbs - from the Met Office - was the man at the helm.

    From today we are going to try a new way of telling the audience about the weather on PM. The key changes are:

    • Forecasters will use a new standard map of UK weather regions, so the naming of region will be consistent.
    • Cear signposting of each region before each bit of weather information.
    • The forecaster will pick out some major population centres and the narrative will normally flow from South to North (although this will change in the case of major weather disruptions elsewhere).

    So - we'd like to know what you think. Respond here or on the PM blog and I will peruse your responses. It's not a vote - and we will have to decide what we think is editorially best - but I will note your applause, abuse, doubts etc. With interest.

    • The changes are previewed on the PM blog and you'll be able to hear the first of the new forecasts at 1757 this evening.
    • UPDATE: less than an hour after the first of the new bulletins the PM blog has already attracted 87 comments about it.

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