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    Stan Was, a producer in the Radio 4 presentations department (and practically the in-house photographer - you'll see lots of his work in the Radio 4 pool on was present in the Loose Ends studio Saturday and took some lovely pics of the two bands on the show: The Mummers and Smoke Fairies. You can listen again to the programme for the next couple of days here. First, The Mummers:

    Yours truly was present for a magical collision of Radio 3 interactive head (and Proms producer) Roland Taylor and Radio 4 newsreader Kathy Clugston in Studio 70A this week. They had, naturally, brought their Ukuleles and they played Ode to Joy - the centrepiece of the big Ukulele Prom that Roland is producing - down the line for a Radio Ulster arts programme. Then I recorded Kathy and Roland's impromptu verse and chorus from Norwegian Wood. Here's the audio and here they are in action:

    Very musical place, Radio 4.


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