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    Feedback: Woman's Hour / Men's Hour

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    Editor's note: This week Feedback looked at the Bank Holiday Edition of Woman's Hour which broadcast simultaneously with Five Live's Men's Hour. You can hear the programme again here. PMcD.

    I was extremely nervous doing Feedback this week, not something I usually feel. The reason? I had to conduct a discussion with two of the brightest and toughest BBC radio editors in the business, and with one of its sharpest young journalists, Tim Samuels, and with Jane Garvey, she of the gentle but lethal put down, someone who is, for my money, just about the best in the business.

    All at the same time.

    Having been a programme editor I would have been quite happy talking to them through their headphones and telling them what to do, but chairing a discussion with them? Surely they would want to take over and tell me what I should be asking.? Strangely they were as good as gold, which is equally worrying.

    Did I miss the tough question?

    We were discussing a radio first. The programme teams from Radio 4"s Woman's Hour and 5Live's Men's Hour had collaborated to make a joint programme, transmitted on both networks simultaneously.

    Why, what was the point, and are more collaborations planned?

    You can hear the programme on Listen Again. It was about "Secrets" and had some fascinating revelations.

    The presenters were encouraged to reveal one of their own.

    Jane pretended once more that she leads a rather dull domestic life, and Tim told us about having the hair on his back removed.

    In our Feedback discussion I resisted the temptation to ask Tim to remove his shirt, and to confess to a promiscuous and bi sexual lifestyle. I know revealing mine would make me more interesting.... but I don't have one, I'm afraid.

    PS: Also this week we asked you to send us your views on what the new Director General's priorities should be. We plan to hand deliver a bound volume containing your suggestions to George Entwistle on his first day in the job, September 17th. I'm sure you would not want him to have an empty in-tray.

    Happy Listening,

    Roger Bolton

    Roger Bolton presents Feedback

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