Editor's note: last year listeners gave over £1.5 Million to the weekly Radio 4 Appeals. Here, producer Sally Flatman highlights this week's appeal, from Muriel Gray - SB

    Please take 5 minutes to listen to Muriel Gray talking about a wonderful charity called Contact a Family. Listeners' donations to this charity could make a difference to hundreds of families who are bringing up a disabled child. Take a look at the charity's web site where families, who are, as Muriel explains, often very isolated, are put in touch with others who are facing the same challenges and given support and advice.

    In her Appeal Muriel describes how Contact a Family has been a lifeline to many families with disabled children over the last 30 years and appeals for donations to ensure their work with often vulnerable families continues.

    Listen to Muriel talking about the experience of families of disabled children:

    And listen to the appeal in full on the Radio 4 web site.

    Sally Flatman is producer of the Radio 4 Appeal


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