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    Feedback: Radio and pluggers

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    Feedback's presenter Roger Bolton

    George Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury has been called many things, not least by gay couples who want to get married and who find in Dr Carey an implacable opponent.

    This week, however, he was outed as a plugger.

    One Feedback listener claims to have heard him mention his new book thirteen times in 20 broadcast minutes on the Today programme and Radio 2.

    Mind you I don't think everyone would have noticed because by now we are inured to plugs.

    The BBC would once have banned such references and still says it has strict controls on the promotion of products but many feel those controls are flexibly interpreted, particularly in television.

    Is there a guest on the Graham Norton Show for example who doesn't have something to sell?

    One can understand the dilemma.

    Madonna offers you the first sight of her new record and an exclusive interview if... Indeed in some cases artists will forgo fees in favour of a promotional spot.

    BBC Radio is particularly vulnerable since it has so many hours of programmes to fill and relatively little money or no money to offer potential guests.

    I wish that the plugs could be formalised in the credits of programmes and banned in any other part of them.

    On the other hand I supposed this blog is a sort of extended plug for Feedback. So I'd better just shut up and let you get on with listening to it.

    By the way, thanks for listening and do feel free to write to us about anything you have heard on any BBC radio station.

    Roger Bolton presents Feedback

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