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    I think if anyone had thought it worth asking me about creating a series of short animations based on clips from Just a Minute, I'd have said something like "don't bother. It'll never work". Thankfully, nobody asked me and the resulting videos are all brilliant - really witty collisions of words and images. This one's by Stuart Langfield. And it's lovely to hear Clement Freud's voice again. Makes me wonder what other Radio 4 content could be revived in this way? The Moral Maze? The Archers? The Shipping Forecast?

    They call the animations Just a Minute Reloaded and you're encouraged to embed them on your own web site. Just click the 'embed' button. Spread the joy.

    • David Thair's BBC Comedy Blog often features Radio 4 programmes as well as lots of television comedy that obviously originated on Radio 4 in the first place.
    • The current series of Just a Minute, in its native pure audio form, has two more episodes to go. Listen again here.

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