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    Inside the Bermuda Triangle: the Mysteries Solved

    The idea behind the series was to find primary sources and to uncover original documents which might give some clues as to why the Bermuda Triangle myth caught on in the first place, and why it has endured for so long - and of course to get a sense of whether there is any truth in it. So it took a long time - about a year - to put together.

    The real driving force behind it all was reporter Tom Mangold, with whom I worked extremely closely all through the research, recording and editing stages. It was his idea in the first place, and it was his passion and his extraordinary detective tenacity which made it all work. There is something rather attractive about the idea of setting a hard-nosed, investigative journalist the task of getting to the bottom of a myth, and it was quite something to behold when Tom gave some of the myth-mongers a courteous, fair but rigorous grilling.

    One author we tracked down to his large house in Florida eventually unlocked the chain around his fence and invited us to talk in his garden about his part in genesis of the Bermuda Triangle 'mystery' . He ended up warming to Tom and finally admitting that he had 'spiced up' his book in order to make it more interesting.

    There are three lines of enquiry throughout the series: first, we looked at the stories, articles and books which set up the myth in the 1950s and 60s, and some of those which have kept the pot boiling ever since; second, we spoke to historians and psychologists about the human need for mystery and conspiracy; and lastly we took several 'inexplicable' maritime and aircraft disappearances and did some thorough 21st century investigations into probable causes with the help of an air accident investigator and Lloyds Register in London.

    Tom remains skeptical throughout, and virtually everything he uncovers suggests some very terrestrial and very human causes of the events and accounts of the Bermuda Triangle. However, we don't want to be complete spoil-sports and we did speak to some plausible people who remain convinced that they have experienced 'something weird out there". As ever, in my job, the real privilege was meeting the characters who gave us their time and their stories - and we met a lot, in the UK in the USA and in Bermuda itself.

    And it was a privilege too, working with one of the world's best journalists and finest travelling companions. Indeed I have to admit, on the recording trip to the Triangle, more than one bottle of wine went missing without trace.

    Adam Fowler is Producer of Inside the Bermuda Triangle: the Mysteries Solved

    Adam sent this fascinating interview with a prominent Bermuda Triangle skeptic for exclusive use here on the blog:

    Adam has also given me a full-length recording of the haunting song written and recorded specially for the programme:


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