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    This has proved much harder then we thought and thank you all for all your comments and suggestions. In the end we had well over 50 title suggestions, from listeners, Radio 4 bloggers, colleagues, presenters and random people we've simply accosted who didn't look like they had anything better to do. Favourites included 'Quips and Quarks', 'Brian and Robin's Multiverse', 'Schrödinger's Chat', and 'Here's Looking at Euclid'.

    We considered them all very carefully, and took on board all your comments, hence our slight tardiness in getting back to you, but we do finally have a winning entry. And the title is... (insert drum roll here)... 'The Infinite Monkey Cage'. This was actually one of the earliest contenders, and came from our very own Robin Ince. It's inspired by the popular probability idea that suggests if monkeys were left with a typewriter for an infinite amount of time they would eventually type the complete works of Shakespeare. I'm not sure if Robin is suggesting that he and Brian are the monkeys in this scenario, but we all loved it the moment he suggested it, although there were concerns that it was perhaps not as straightforward as some of the Radio 4 titles around today, and whether this mattered? (see my previous blog post).

    But the fact it is a bit offbeat and challenging is the very reason it fits the show so well, with its irreverent and quirky take on the world through scientists' eyes. I hope you will join us inside The Infinite Monkey Cage for our very first broadcast on Monday November 30th at 1630, and that we live up to our spankingly brand new title, and thank you for being part of the process.

    Alexandra Feachem is a producer in the Radio Science Unit

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