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    You'll forgive me a cheesy science pun if I tell that Radio 4's comedy science magazine show The Infinite Monkey Cage is acquiring an additional dimension this afternoon. In addition to listening to the programme live on Radio 4 from 1630 today you're invited to join a live chat about the programme and its mindblowing themes (which, it says here, include multiple dimensions. See what I did there?)

    To join in, type a comment here in the chat window or, if you're a Twitter user, tweet with the hashtag #MonkeyCage. We'll publish as many of your comments as we can here on the blog and, afterwards, you'll be able to 'replay' the chat while listening to the programme on the iPlayer.

    And once the programme is finished, please do us a favour and leave a comment on this blog post (using your BBC login) to tell us what you thought of the chat and the programme.

    Steve Bowbrick is editor of the Radio 4 blog

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