Welcome. I am writing this blog to help explain the way R4 works, draw attention to particular programmes and, of course, to hear what's concerning you and to discover what you like and don't like.

    It may not work--but I thought that given the nature of the R4 audience--loyal, demanding, inquiring--I am hopeful that I will learn some useful things and that you will feel more in touch with the station.

    I will not blog every day--but when I'm around I'll do my best not to leave long gaps between postings. And when I'm not around--I'll tell you. With the editors of the blog we'll also try to highlight round-ups of the conversations and comment about Radio 4 online.

    There are some things that I won't be able to do. If there is a really big Radio 4 row going on I (and my colleagues) may need time to sort things out. It would be wrong to use the blog to provide instant answers when considerable thought is required and/or when facts are not clear. So I would not have used the blog to provide a blow by blow account of proceedings when there was interest in the presentation of 'Today' at the end of last year.

    Nor can I talk about the future--or speculate--about any individual presenter. Those sort of conversations have to stay private.

    And finally--of course you can tell me what is on your mind--and I will read what you write - but I can't write back to each individual comment about a programme. There are other more formal places to go on BBC Online to ask questions, comment or complain.

    But there's plenty that we should be able to do here . Let's see how it goes.


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