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    Radio 4 Quiz: Whose style of leadership requires him to "rampage with his arms flailing like a windmill?

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    Whose style of leadership has sent his paper in a spin? Who wouldn't have felt "Pointless" in a policeman's uniform? and whose handwriting has given folk musicians a hard time for years?



    Find the answers to these questions and more in this week's Radio 4 Quiz. Last week's answers can be found here. We'll post the answers to these questions in the comments section next week, unless you get there first.

    Q: Whose style of leadership allegedly is to "rampage with his arms flailing like a windmill?"
    A: - 06'55

    Q: What did Richard Ossman want to be when he grew up and how tall did he grow to be?
    A: - 03'30

    Q: Whose handwriting has given folk musicians a hard time for years?
    A: - 10'30

    Q: Can you list the "byte" names used in the processing data on computer hard drives?
    A: -10.40

    Q: Where did Seamus Heaney move to with his young family in 1972?
    A: - 39'15

    Q: In which year did the writing bug first bite Tom Clancy?
    A:  - 1.30

    Q: Who was the third artisitic director of The National Theatre?
    A: - 21'35

    Q: Who was described by Anne Leslie as a "very bright little boy"?
    A:  - 13'15

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