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    What are your big money worries?

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    I ask because Money Box Live will be live from Glasgow on Wednesday October 14 as part of the BBC's Money Matters Roadshow. The programme will be taking questions live from an audience at the Buchanan Galleries shopping centre on savings, investments and pensions.

    Last time we did this - in Manchester in February - I was really pleased to meet the people asking the questions, and dozens more around the show throughout the day, to talk money. Hundreds of people were helped throughout the day. The queues for advice on saving, investment, and pension planning were by far the longest. So this time we have decided to take those as our topics for Money Box Live.

    I would like to hear in advance what you - Radio 4 blog readers - would like to ask about cash savings, investing a bit of money, or putting hard-earned wages into a pension. I can't promise we will answer your specific query. But I will make sure that the main subject areas you raise are covered one way or another. Click here to let me know.

    The Money Matters Roadshow will be open all day from 8am to 6.30pm at the Buchanan Galleries. So if you happen to be in Glasgow on Wednesday 14 October why not come along for free money advice?

    There will be 30 financial experts offering confidential help to all comers and you will see some of the BBC's top financial journalists. Plus you can join the audience and watch Money Box Live go out live - and see what we all look like! You might even get your question answered live on air.

    Money Box Live from Glasgow is broadcast live on Wednesday 14 October at 3pm on Radio 4. And there will be an extra half hour of questions and answers published on our website later.

    I would love to see you there!

    Paul Lewis is presenter of Money Box and Money Box Live

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