Radio 4 Quiz: The definition of death, Julian Assange, and Ronnie Corbett - the missing link?

    Welcome to Round 3 of the Radio 4 Quiz. Looking at a week's worth of weird and wonderful from Radio 4. Click on the links to find the programmes/clips that contain the answers, then casually slip your new nuggets of wisdom into conversation like you've known them all your life...

    We'll post the answers in the comments section next week, unless you post them first. For the answers to last week's quiz, go here


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    • Comment number 2. Posted by Nickie - Host

      on 10 Jul 2013 10:19

      And here are the answers!

      1. What is the definition of death?

      The irreversible alteration to biological processes. When you can no longer reverse the process and bring that cell, (that person), back to life.

      2. How was Ronnie Corbett almost the missing link (via Stanley Kubrick)?

      Corbett’s small nose was used by Freeborn as a model for the monkey noses in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey. (After being live-cast, Corbett declined to be involved in the film).

      3. What, according to filmmaker Alex Gibney, is the going rate for an interview with Julian Assange?

      Over $1million

      4. About which deceased singer is Patti Smith's song 'This Is The Girl'?

      Amy Winehouse

      5. How many hours of video per month are uploaded onto YouTube?

      100 hours a minute uploaded and 6 billion hours watched per month.

      6. What kind of porn do most men search for?

      The number one quality is youth. But there is a significant level of interest in older women.

    • Comment number 1. Posted by SandiDunn

      on 4 Jul 2013 11:17

      What ever the going rate is for an interview with JA I think you should pay it as wikileaks needs all the money it can get!

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