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    Female Sexual Abuse - Breaking the Silence

    We've made a late change to the schedule tonight at 2000 to put in a programme; Female Sexual Abuse - Breaking the Silence - presented by Penny Marshall. The programme - about women who sexually abuse children - talks to those who have been abused and includes accounts from those who have been abusers.

    We have been working on this for a while - and had thought we would broadcast it after the judicial process had run its course in the Vanessa George case. We had expected that to be a little later than now... but the documentary was more or less made by the time of last week's court case ( with the guilty plea ) and so we decided to transmit it a little earlier - with the George case fresh in the memory.

    It's a moot point as to how often we should make this sort of change. This one was a tight call. In the end it's a matter of judgement and instinct about when the programme will be at its freshest and/or sharpest for its audience.

    So some of the newspaper listings and The Radio Times (through no fault of theirs) is wrong . We have deferred transmission of the programme that was due to be broadcast at 8 pm tonight - the second of a two part documentary series on the attempt to regenerate Morecambe - for a fortnight.


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