Nicely spoken, polite, respectful: Liza Tarbuck's spot - between the end of Feedback and the start of the afternoon play (another in the brilliant BBC Science Fiction drama season) - must have been a relief for the continuity team. No threat of a harassment suit from the Met Office at least (you'll need to listen to Paul Whitehouse's contribution to understand that).

    I huddled in a corner of the studio for part of Liza's segment and it was very exciting, not least because of the continuity royalty in the room with us: Chris Aldridge and Carolyn Brown. Being in the continuity studio at Radio 4 feels a bit like being on the bridge of a battleship on an important (but very calm) mission. Liza captained the ship with aplomb. Her pictures have been added to the group here and you can listen to her breezy contribution here:

    Audio edited by Tom Rogers.


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