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    Some seemingly crazy ideas crop up in this week's Radio 4 Quiz

    Who helped to restore a disused railway line? Who escaped their homeland at enormous risk, and whose dinner date took place a decade after their first encounter?

    Find the answers to these questions and more in this week's Radio 4 Quiz.

    Last week's answers can be found here. We'll post the answers to these questions in the comments section next week, unless you get there first.

    Q: Kevin is one of the volunteers working on "Mountsorrel's Long Forgotten Railway". He is not a local, so where does he travel from every 4-6 weeks?
    A: - 08'57"

    Q: How did the refugee Gulwali Passarlay travel from Calais to Dover on the last leg of his journey from Afghanistan?
    A: - 30'30"

    Q: Which Labour politician took Dame Shirley Williams to The Gay Hussar in the 1950s, although she remembers first encountering him in an air raid shelter during the War?
    A: - 43'30"

    Q: Boy George has always done his own make up - until about four years ago – but what is he said to have perfected?
    A: - 05'20"

    Q: Which piece of music did Sir Ken Robinson play to his wife when he finally gave her a diamond ring?
    A: - 35'00"

    Q: According to the MP Simon Hughes, what percentage of property in the UK's capital is being sold abroad, off plan and before anyone has seen it?
    A: - 10'00"


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