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Ed's note: You can catch the last two stories from Diving Belles on Radio 4 Extra tonight and tomorrow (timings at the end of the post) but you can hear all five stories for the next five days on the Radio 4 Extra website - PM.

Lucy Wood

Paul Arnold, 4 Extra presentation producer, writes:

A commissioned programme on Radio 4 Extra is an event for us. Being primarily an archive network, we try particularly to celebrate the drama, comedy and readings that are made just for us. The other thing about 4 Extra is that with no news bulletins, we do have some time to hear from authors, actors, comedians and producers about what they've been up to.

So when I heard that we'd commissioned five readings from a new collection of short stories - Lucy Wood's debut Diving Belles - it seemed like a great chance to get Lucy in to chat about them.

At first sight, tales based on Cornish folk-lore might seem unpromising, but with the modern setting and imaginative flair that Lucy brings to them they're a captivating listen.

The opening tale describes the efforts made by an old lady to find again the husband lured away by a mermaid so many years before. As Lucy told our presenter, Susan Rae:

'I was particularly interested in the mermaid folklore. Stories particularly about men from fishing communities being lured out to sea by mermaids. I wanted to pick out the darker elements of this. Those are stories about loss, about tragedy...'

Listen to the full interview with Lucy Wood:

Paul Arnold is a producer for Radio 4 Extra

  • Diving Belles is on BBC Radio 4 extra this week, at 11am and 9pm and you can listen online to the series for the next five days.
  • Diving Belles is produced by Gemma Jenkins and Liz Allard

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