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    Feedback about Sharon Shoesmith on Woman's Hour

    Thank you for these richly informative thoughts and comments. Some of them reveal significant expertise and personal experience.

    The programme has received over 350 emails so far about the interview. Tomorrow (Wednesday) there will be discussion on Woman's Hour about the nature of management responsibility - one of the central themes of the exchanges between Jenni Murray and Sharon Shoesmith. How much is it reasonable for us to expect senior management to know (in any sphere of public life), and when is it really fair for someone to lose their job?

    A small number of people (fingers of one hand) complained to the BBC about the programme - suggesting that we should not have run the interview at all - and that in doing so we had given Sharon Shoesmith a platform. I am always a little baffled by this sort of complaint. The interview tested a lot of key arguments about the case - and in a way that did not simply allow Ms. Shoesmith to say whatever she wanted. It did allow her ample time to answer Jenni's tough questions. It's the sort of thing that we should do.

    UPDATE: Jill Burridge, the editor of Woman's Hour appeared on Feedback this week to discuss the interview. (Jem Stone - host)

    "Murray pressed her on everything, hard but courteously, exploring the lines between perception and reality, blame and responsibility." Gillian Reynolds' review of the programme from the Telegraph,
    Listen to the interview in full


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