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    Films on Radio 4

    For a while we've been thinking about film on Radio 4.

    We do a fair amount about film - but I think we could do more without toppling over. So that's why The Film Programme (podcast) now has a Sunday repeat in addition to the Friday origination. Francine Stock presides. I like the programme more and more. We spend some time using DVD releases as a way of exploring the back catalogue - and the interviews tend to be far less centred on the single subject of the film about to be on release - and more on a life's work. This week's piece with Bruce Robinson (of Withnail and I fame) is a classic of its kind.

    I had thought about adding the question: 'What film would you take with you to your Desert Island?' to the Desert Island Discs climax - but I have not yet convinced myself it will work. It would if everyone chose a film that was widely known (The Sound of Music etc.) but I think it runs the risk of misfiring if every week Kirsty has to unravel the plot and the meaning of a more obscure film.

    But we will be doing a big series on films - probably - in 2010. We haven't done that for a while.

    And tonight on Front Row comes Mark Lawson with Clint Eastwood - a small portion of which ran on Today this morning. Appetising.


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