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    Upsetting people on Today

    Which Today programme presenter reportedly said he wants to "upset" more people?

    Dead easy.

    John Humphrys surely?

    Well, no actually.

    Step forward Mr Nice-Guy himself, the ever courteous Justin Webb, widely admired by many Feedback listeners for the way he doesn't interrupt every few seconds. Naturally he appreciates the admiration but he's gone public in his admission to up the ante with harder interviews and interruptions.

    In Feedback this week I ruthlessly cross examine Mr Webb about this apparent change of heart, interrupting him frequently and insisting he answers my questions. I also put to him some of the embarrassing emails from listeners who were delighted when the Today programme was taken off-air as a result of the recent National Union of Journalists' strike and replaced by birdsong from The Wash.

    How did Mr Webb respond to my aggressive questioning? Did he fight fire with fire? Do you care about interviewing style?

    Roger Bolton is the ever so polite and inoffensive presenter of Feedback.

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    • Justin asserted that he'd like to upset more people in an interview with James Robinson in The Guardian. Gillian Reynolds in The Telegraph was one of those who enjoyed a morning without Today.
    • The picture shows Justin presenting Today with Sarah Montague

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