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    Radio 4 will be in terrific hands

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    I have known Gwyneth Williams for nearly 15 years - as a marvellous programme maker and editor and Head of Radio Current Affairs. She is full of flair - brimming with ideas of her own while encouraging others to bring their own best ideas to the table. She has an inherent elegance and a steely persistence.

    It is a hugely potent combination. More or less her entire professional career has been in and around Radio 4. She knows the network, the programmes, the people and the audience. She has been in charge of some of the most important pieces of Radio 4 turf and she edited the Reith Lectures for many years.

    I am sad to be going in many ways but know that Radio 4 will be not merely safe - but in dedicated and creative hands. Gwyn will do wonderful things and get others to do likewise. Hooray.

    Mark Damazer is Controller of BBC Radio 4

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