Will Self

    I grew up listening to Alistair Cooke's Letter from America which used to be scheduled in the spot now occupied by A Point of View - why? Because my insufferably bien-pensant parents had got rid of our television because they thought it was a terrible influence on children, making them distracted and functionally illiterate.

    Well, if they were alive today I expect they'd be just a little bit pleased with themselves upon hearing my lugubrious tones flute out of the set as I deliver the first of what I hope will be many Points of View.

    I'd like to adopt Cook's own chirpily-austere trademark salutation "Good-morning", but of course this wouldn't scan for the repeat and plenty of listeners might feel I was traducing the late, great meliorist. Instead, I will hope to complement not only the sort of broadcasting that he so effectively did, but also to be a worthy stablemate for such excellent views-makers as John Gray.

    What will I bring to it?

    Well, rather like Kenneth Williams in his Round the Horne guise as Gruntfuttock, I'm afraid I may not be able to restrain myself from doing "the voices".

    It seems to me that POV is a spot that while ostensibly mandating a monologue, nonetheless allows for opening-out into an entire playlet, complete with a dramatic arc.

    Opinion is everywhere in the contemporary world, and I suspect some listeners may feel a little blase when they're offered still more of it.

    I hope to insinuate really rather radical ideas into those nodding heads and closed ears by couching them in contexts - humorous, anecdotal, amusing - before hitting them with the sucker-punch of wanton irreverence. I hope Cook would, if not approve, understand: needs must...

    Will Self presents A Point of View from this Friday, 30 September on Radio 4

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