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Your donations to the Radio 4 Christmas Appeal

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Sally Flatman Sally Flatman 13:06, Thursday, 23 December 2010

Donations to the BBC Radio 4 St Martin-in-the-Fields Christmas appeal.

We were planning to update you on the Christmas Appeal as we did last year on the 12th day of Christmas but we couldn't resist sharing our news. We are almost at last year's record total of £900,000 and it is not yet even christmas and as you will see from the picture - there is still a lot of post to open.

Currently you have raised £850,000 for the Radio 4 St Martin-in-the-Fields Christmas Appeal! As ever the donations come in all shapes and sizes... one of the volunteers told me how he opened one cheque for two pounds and then the next was two hundred - it's all those donations big and small that have got us to this amazing total.

The other lovely thing we wanted to share with you are the quotes from the letters we receive:

Donations to the BBC Radio 4 St Martin-in-the-Fields Christmas appeal.

I used to have a good friend, Dennis, a homeless man who spoke so highly of you. He used to say if you are in the gutter, look up and you will see the stars.
Hello, I'm writing from a little village in Devon. There's over a foot of snow outside & the roads are frozen. I cannot imagine how anyone can be sleeping on the street tonight. Herewith my paltry contribution"

No donation is paltry to us, of course.

This is the money I would have spent on Christmas cards if I hadn't made them myself. I'm sending it after listening to your appeal on the radio.
Many of us are set for hard times ahead; I don't have much but at present have more than some so am happy to give when I can. Keep up the good work.

If you are in sight of a BBC big screen - there are 18 of them around the UK - look out for Jamie's audio slideshow. It is the first time this 84 year-old Radio appeal has appeared on the big screens... but why not? (If you happen to have a camera with you when you see it - perhaps you could take a picture for us?) So thank you so much for all your support and kind words. We will continue to open post over the Christmas period and we will be back to update you on the 12th day of Christmas.

Sally Flatman is producer of The Radio 4 Appeal

  • Make a donation on the Radio 4 web site.
  • Pictures by homeless photographers from The Connection's photography group are on Flickr.
  • The BBC Radio 4 Appeal has a Facebook page. Visit the page and click the 'Like' button for updates on the weekly appeal which raised a total of £1.5M for 52 charities last year.


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