What's the future for men?

  1. They smell
  2. Chaps it's whatever we wantit to be if we really want it
  3. Woman dominance
  4. Homoesexuality and the artificial womb
  5. Money - he earns it, I spend it!
  6. Female domination
  7. That's up to us
  8. The same as for women - we are in the same boat, stupid!
  9. Equality with women
  10. Adoration by women
  11. There is no future ...
  12. Inequality
  13. Men having babies
  14. How soon is the lord Jesus Christ coming back to sort the world out, as prophesised in the Holy Bible
  15. Want to be single mothers. If you don't find the right man to create a family with, you are unfortunate. Don't be selfish and go it alone Children need a father (written by a woman)
  16. The regaining of some direction and purpose ... and unless accommodated that will be very ugly.
  17. Male prostitutes
  18. If men of tomorrow are like my man today, their future is positive - men should stay at home with the family.
  19. Homosexuality - make-up - the contraceptive pill
  20. Bleak unless we master space travel
  21. Whatever they make of it
  22. I hope they stay the same
  23. Same as the future of women
  24. The rebalancing of power between men and women must continue.
  25. But disrespect for either gender should not be the result
  26. Whatever the missus decides!
  27. What choice ... the same as all of us ...
  28. Same as ever unless the patriarchy disappears
  29. As real partners (not necessarily sexual) not afraid to be humble and step aside without losing self-esteem.
  30. The same as for women
  31. Equality ... eventually
  32. Fight Club
  33. The next five minutes
  34. World subordination
  35. Secure
  36. If only we could get rid of gender stereotypes in raising our children - there would be a chance of a better future for people - men and women
  37. I can't think and write
  38. Destroying the planet
  39. Very poor if main preoccupation continues ot be football
  40. Men will walk on Mars - No! Women wil walk on Mars
  41. Sex slaves
  42. They will soon discover how to return to Mars
  43. Grim
  44. Sperm donors
  45. Good if they control their egos!
  46. Bugger all if they don't start talking
  47. As long as there are spiders, and food is stored in tight jars, we are safe
  48. Sperm donors for our mothers-in-laws grandchildren
  49. No future
  50. Brilliant! Ifthey can find their true soul-mate
  51. Oh My God
  52. Equality with women
  53. They will become lesser men
  54. Burping
  55. Becoming women
  56. They will evolve back into apes
  57. To stop creating war
  58. Fathers will become even more like uncles
  59. What you want to just own 1% of the world's wealth and not be in seats of power. - That's equality with women matey boy!
  60. Hopefully to dress with co-ordinated items of clothing
  61. Extinction - women will be able to reproduce by themselves
  62. Role models and primary school teachers
  63. Foolish
  64. The same as it always has been
  65. aven't had a past so not hopeful
  66. Bleak

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