What makes a happy family?

  1. 42" plasma screen
  2. Doing things together - respect, kindness, understanding
  3. Cooking and eating together
  4. Love in equal measures
  5. Freedom to live without prejudice. No fear of racism, fatism, homophobia and so on
  6. Love, hard work, compromise, honesty, laughter, and letting your husband have th remote control
  7. Unconditional love
  8. Ear plugs
  9. An honest, faithful couple
  10. Never pass up an opportunity when they have time for you
  11. Being open and honest and nice
  12. A willingness to learn from each other
  13. A Sunday roast dinner with all the trimmings followed by six hours of NFL baby! Yeah!
  14. Love, understanding, acceptance of each other, consideration, humour
  15. Laughter
  16. A gran!
  17. Love, laughter, lots of hugs and kisses, Ben and Jerry's - oh and a cleaner
  18. Love, Joy, fairness, kindness
  19. Love and care for each other
  20. Scrabble
  21. Learning to kepp your mouth shut with your inlaws
  22. Reading Three Men in a Boat to your children, while eating chocolate
  23. Accepting that we're not perfect
  24. George the Cat RIP
  25. Core values - respect for each other
  26. Feral children v feral pensioners
  27. Mam and Dad
  28. Respect for each other's spaces
  29. Mutual respect - good old-fashioned fun - freedom of self-expression - shared experiences - unconditional love - great communication
  30. bbc.co.uk/radio3
  31. Sharing good times - and supporting each other through the bad .. and plenty of time apart to appreciate each other
  32. Talking - understanding each other, giving space
  33. In-laws a long way away
  34. Communication - Communication - Communication
  35. Tolerance. An understanding that the past won't always be better, and the future isn't always to be feared
  36. No debts, enough money and a faithful partner
  37. Faith between each other
  38. Where is your fondest memory of play as a child? Outside! Unsupervised!
  39. POst-It notes
  40. Trust and Comfort - Sex
  41. Acceptance
  42. A roll of gaffa tape
  43. Letting your wife think she is boss
  44. Quality time - pancakes - inner peace - selflessness - fun days out
  45. Toleration - Forgiveness
  46. If I knew that I would not be going through a divorce ...
  47. Homework is an utterly ridiculous. Teachers give it without the knowledge that it's tiring and it can buzz us out.
  48. Time together away from technology
  49. Not being grumpy
  50. Afternoon waves - 3-5 daily - respect of nightwaves
  51. Smiling, playing, fun and outdoors together
  52. Spending time together
  53. Trust
  54. Time for each other - even if it's doing the simplest things like going for a wlk or baking bread
  55. Stay open-minded for each other
  56. Tolerance and forgiveness
  57. Real belly-aching laughs
  58. God and a good husband/wife - kids too!
  59. Having a few quid at the end of the month would help
  60. Mummy and me ...
  61. Once you've defined happy
  62. Sticking together
  63. Love and a good solicitor
  64. Tickling
  65. God - Love - Man - Love - Woman - Love - Child - Family - Community - Nation - World- Love and respect for others, Love and respect for the environment
  66. Love and chocolate ... yummm!
  67. Being honest with your children
  68. Smiley people
  69. Not wanting to change the other
  70. Listening
  71. Teenagers being devious enough not to leave their weed on display in their bedrooms
  72. PLay together, pray together, stay together
  73. Food
  74. Growing together through bad times, happy times, hard times. Loving each other for who we are.
  75. Food
  76. Good communication without poverty
  77. Meal times around a table
  78. Eternal love
  79. Do your own way of being family - don't do traditional nuclear family - make your own 'story' of 'family'.
  80. Tolerance and alcohol
  81. Compromise
  82. Liking each other and showing it
  83. No war and have at least some peace in the world
  84. TV
  85. X-BOx
  86. Pistol
  87. Love, sex and magic
  88. Being happy with oneself
  89. Sacrifice
  90. Jaffa cakes
  91. Laughter
  92. Taking an interest in each other
  93. A pack of cards
  94. Music
  95. Love and Communication
  96. I think it will find its way into our lives in an overwhelming fashion, in everything we wear, use and consume
  97. Sacrifice
  98. Not Xmas
  99. Love, sharing, talk, listening, understanding
  100. Music
  101. Ginger cats
  102. Ginger nuts
  103. Trust, good health and a sense of humour
  104. Trust - a constant shoulder
  105. Both my dads
  106. A good sense of humour
  107. Compromise
  108. Give and take
  109. Mutual goals, ability to stick by each other through hard times
  110. Having parents who care and give precious time to offspring

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