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It's Question Time again on Radio 3

Tuesday 18 December 2012, 17:39

Graeme Kay Graeme Kay Producer, R3 Multiplatform

Sue Perkins and Tom Service

Calling Radio 3 Listeners! Steven Rajam, the producer behind 'Symphony Question Time' in 2011, is rolling out another series of the programme with presenters Sue Perkins and Tom Service ...

Ever wondered if there's such a thing as a 'perfect' melody…?
… Where the idea of 'major' and 'minor' comes from…?
… Why there are eight (or is it 12?) notes in a scale…?
… And why people love opera so much?

In early 2013, Tom Service and Sue Perkins will be answering YOUR questions about music and music history, as part of the BBC's Story of Music season.

It's your chance to ask BBC Radio 3 anything you've ever wondered about how music works - whether classical, jazz, world or pop - and about some of the most famous moments - and myths - in musical history ...

Who or what really killed Mozart? (It wasn't Salieri, honest) …
… Why contemporary composers don't like writing tunes…
... How you tell a Stradivarius from a cheap factory fiddle…
… And what the Ancient Greeks might have been listening to...

They'll also be looking at how and why music makes sense to us, and what lies ahead for the future of music …

… Why some music makes us want to cry…or dance…
… How and why certain melodies get stuck in your head…
… Why some people are 'tone deaf', and what it really means…
… And how advertisers use music to subliminally sell you stuff…

You can join Sue and Tom in five weekly episodes, every Monday from 28 January, in the interval of Radio 3 Live In Concert (from 7.30pm).

But before that, they need YOUR questions! Anything - whether simple, complicated, maddening or strange - that you've ever wondered about music. So get in touch…

You can email your queries to r3qt@bbc.co.uk; on the BBC Radio 3 Facebook site - or you can tweet with the hashtag #r3qt - we'll be looking out for them.

Story Of Music Question Time, from 28 January in the interval of Live In Concert, on BBC Radio 3.


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