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Today's viewing from Free Thinking at The Sage Gateshead

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Rosalind Porter is a Radio 3 Listener Blogger

Whatever the weather, wherever you are - do come along to The Sage Gateshead today for the final frantic round of Free Thinking events. But even if you prefer to stay at home in the warm - there's plenty of Free Thinking to be cogitated on via the Live Video Stream. Today features a debate on Islam and Christianity; Billy Elliot screenwriter and playwright Lee Hall; Mark Pagel on the future of Evolution and Humanity; and don't forget the little green men... Aliens - The Ultimate Them and Us! Plenty of food for thought to warm up the little grey cells. Watching the live stream is the only way to experience the whole unedited version of each programme ... visualised radio at its very best.

If you are a Words and Music regular listener than tonight's broadcast will be unmissable, and if you aren't, well shame on you - but do tune in at 6.30pm on BBC Radio 3 for a melange of surprising bedfellows. A brass band and a chamber music ensemble on the same platform, two of Britain's finest actors, a charismatic soprano singing repertoire from Purcell to Cole Porter with a diversion to Poulenc along the way? It could only be one of a Words and Music's inimitable journey. We all had such fun at the recording last night!

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  • Comment number 1. Posted by Justin Staples

    on 5 Nov 2012 20:25

    I'm a regular Words and Music listener - unfortunately missed this one though... love brass bands and Cole Porter!

    Missed the Sage Gateshead event too as I was travelling... Was quite looking forward to the debate on Islam and Christianity actually! Came across some really interesting blog commentary while I was in South Africa about Islamic anger - would have been interesting to hear the perspectives discussed... is there a place to access the debate online Rosalind?


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