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Essential Classics - A Brainteaser Boffin Blog Post

Presenter, Essential Classics

I’ve been chatting with our Brainteaser Boffins recently, and one or two of them expressed an interest in freeing themselves – if only for a moment - from the shackles of brainteasing to contribute to the Essential Classics blog. So, here it is: the first blog post from one of our beloved Brainteaser Boffins.


Brainteaser Boffins


We brainteaser boffins (as Sarah Walker likes to call us) have been hard at work for well over two years now, searching the back corners of our CD shelves, catalogues, websites and grey matter for those quirky questions that keep Essential Classics listeners guessing. In a dusty room, far from the bright lights and primary colours of New Broadcasting House, our twisted minds dream up ever more fiendish tests of the musically oriented mind… So can you beat us? Possibly. Will you know the answer? Well, those questions are sometimes easier than you think. Will Wikipedia help you?  Hmmm – that’s cheating (but who’s to know?)


9.30am is the time to sit, poised over your radio, computer or iPlayer Radio as Sarah or Rob delivers the daily Brainteaser. Go on… you know you want to. And tweet or text or email your answer while you’re at it. We boffins need help (in many ways), so give us a bit of attention. You could even give us an hour off now and again and suggest a Brainteaser of your own, as many listeners already have. Imagine, an hour out in the fresh air – well, we can dream…


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