Playing: Mu süda, ärka üles (Awake, My Heart) by Cyrillus Kreek
BBC Radio 3

Millionaires yachts and cruise liners moored in Castries’ main bay contrast with some fairly rustic local houses and fishing jetties down the west coast. The people we met were gentle quietly spoken people and this struck me as a peaceful place. Manmay La Kay, a five piece folk group is part of a folk revival trying to keep alive the local Creole traditions and they treated us to our very own Caribbean ceilidh in the Folk Research Centre. Again, the roots of this music took us straight back to the slave trade and the music that was spread by the Europeans on the plantations but there seems to be no bitterness in their history and in fact the St Lucians seem to have adopted the old courtly Quadrille as their own national dance, the Kwadril. Other dances were obviously from Scotland, France and even Norway and wouldn’t be out of place in a modern Scottish ceilidh!



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