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Hari Sivanesan - 'relaxed electricity'

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Hari Sivanesan Hari Sivanesan | 16:39 UK Time, Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Picture of Hari Sivanesan with his mentor Aruna Sairam

Picture of Hari Sivanesan with his mentor Aruna Sairam

World Routes Academy mentee Hari Sivanesen looks forward to his next broadcast in World Routes

Next Saturday's World Routes programme features a few fun things that centred around life in London.

First, we hear a collaboration concert between a veena and its North Indian cousin the Sarod recorded at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in South West London. Fusing the Carnatic and Hindustani styles and instruments was a really enjoyable experience on and off stage! It was also a great opportunity to meet and work with an explosive sarod artist Soumik Datta, and percussion maestros Pirashanna on Mrdangam and Shabhaz on tabla. The energy on stage was electric yet relaxed, challenging and competitive yet familial as we explored various compositions and ragas, a lot of the set being improvised and off the cuff. It was a real privilege to work with a group of class musicians on my home turf at the Bhavan!

We also had a quick taster of Sri Lankan Tamil life in the UK. It was a fun day of driving Lucy and Helene from Radio 3 from places ranging from my local temple and Tamil language school in in Lewisham, South London, to East Ham High Street in East London where we reminisced about our Chennai culinary treats!

Visiting my local haunts with the radio crew was an altogether surreal rather comic experience for me actually, especially after just having returned from Chennai and Jaffna, however it was with a really proud little heart that I stood there watching them walk into buildings and institutions that my elders and peers have worked so hard to start and grow to what they are now!

You can hear the concert broadcast in World Routes on BBC Radio 3 at 3pm on Saturday 11 June. Here are the details.





  • Comment number 1.

    This was a great programme, I am currently doing a lot of work in Canary Wharf for an Indian software firm so often see Lewisham mentioned on the DLR, I never knew that a little bit of India was so near, I intend to visit Lewisham and explore more.

    Great program


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