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Red Nose Concert: Lights ... Cameras ... Action ...

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Graeme Kay Graeme Kay | 13:22 UK Time, Thursday, 17 March 2011

Picture of Red Nose Concert presenters Katie Derham, Basil Brush and the Guinness World Records adjudicator

Presenters Katie Derham, Basil Brush and the Guinness World Records adjudicator

If you'd like to see what went on at Monday's Red Nose Concert, follow this link to the broadcast programme page, where you can view photos and find a link to a three-minute video showing the world record-breaking kazoo orchestra!

The Red Nose Concert will be broadcast as part of Red Nose Day on Radio 3, tomorrow at 7pm.


  • Comment number 1.

    Is Radio 3 following the rest of the BBC in dumbing down??

    1. A wasted day chasing 'red nose' cred points in contrived and unfunny

    2. CD review BAL slot now seems to be a 'chat' session rather than an in-depth study by a respected single reviewer?

    Shutup and let us hear the music!!!!


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