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Fanfare for the London Jazz Festival on Radio 3

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Roger Wright Roger Wright | 17:58 UK Time, Tuesday, 10 November 2009

natalie_williams.jpgWhen you think of jazz venues, you may not immediately think of the Houses of Parliament.

However in the last few years there has been an annual event there, hosted by the Parliamentary Jazz Appreciation Group called Jazz in the House.

It is a reception which honours the London Jazz Festival and takes place in the Terrace Pavilion in the House of Commons. It is attended by the jazz lovers of both houses and always attracts a large turnout of MPs and peers as well as the wider jazz community.

The London Jazz Festival begins this Friday evening and the main opening event is called Jazz Voice. It's at the Barbican and you'll be able to hear it on Performance on 3 on Tuesday evening (17th). It focuses on a century of song and the sumptuously arranged programme draws on significant anniversaries of jazz songs, films, singers and songwriters down the decades. Guy Barker's specially assembled London Jazz Festival Orchestra showcases brand new arrangements with an array of wonderful singers. At 'The House' event last night Guy Barker played and one of the soloists, Natalie Williams, sang as a taster of the evening - it promises to be very special indeed.

I talked to Cleveland Watkiss and he then went over to Guy and the other musicians and sang as well - and so gave us an additional preview - this time of his event within the festival - amazing that it is his 50th birthday party - he looks good on it and sounds in great form. Another date for the diary.

So we've left Berlin behind on Radio 3 and now move to London for great jazz - just a few days in the life of the station!



  • Comment number 1.

    It sounds good, Roger.

  • Comment number 2.

    as a listener in the provinces i am of course grateful that r3 covers the London jazz Festival since attending iy would cost me several months of my local mp's expenses...

    and i am also glad that jazz has friends and supporters near the heart of the UK establishment

    but we jazz fans still struggle with the basic schedule, and are becoming mortified by the less than amateurish naivety and lack of authority displayed by Somethin Else Productions, both in Berlin [a good idea ruined by its delivery] and London

    i was chatting with my GP the other day about how he felt the establishment was working - not just the NHS but also generally - his view on the top end of the NHS and its political context as well was put succinctly "disconnected and incompetent"

    most of us out here in the world beyond the westminster and other villages of power feel the same way about the establishment; i would not feel quite so comfortable about the bbc and r3 mr Wright - your pay, pensions and perks are a national scandal ... and even though r3 has won the Sony Award and listening figures are up; the performance of r3 in artistic terms is unsatifying, most especially to an informed jazz audience...


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