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Fiona Talkington Fiona Talkington | 14:11 UK Time, Friday, 4 September 2009

band_punkt.jpgHello again from Norway. What was I saying about it not mattering if it rains all week?  Yesterday's Indian summer turned to torrential rain with the streets resembling fast flowing rivers. Thankfully Punkt isn't an outdoor festival and it's got off to an fantastic start.

I've got the beautiful pedal steel guitar ringing in my ears thanks to the beguiling playing of BJ Cole. Joining the Mongolian Jet Set he took part in the live re-mix of the final set on the main stage from soulful singer and one-man band Jarle Bernhoft, a charismatic performer with many, many fans in the audience.

Earlier in the evening there was cutting edge vocal improvisation from Sidsel Endresen and Maja Ratkje, with the intriguing touch that Sidsel took part in the Live Remix of Maja's set. 

Another double bill brought real beauty to the stage: Labfield - Ingar Zach and David Stakenas, and another duo, Kim Myhr and Sebastien Roux. Wonderfully crafted sounds from both pairs.

But it all began, a very long time ago it seems now as I write in the wee small hours, with the inspirational direction of musical guru Adam Rudolph who worked magic with students from Agder University and guests  in the Go: Organic Orchestra after meeting them only the previous day.

Susanna and the Magical Orchestra arrived after a long wet drive from Oslo so Day 2 of Punkt is promised the first public outing of their new material, and I make no apologies for mentioning once more that Sweet Billy Pilgrim will be on stage and now I've got everyone here talking about the Mercurys.

The creative day begins at 1200 though with Sidsel Endresen's seminar about her work over the last 15 years with experimental and improvisational music. She has so many admirers here and we'll be hanging on her every word.


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    Hello, Fiona. This is kleines c. Your adventures in Norway sound really exciting, and I look forward to tuning into a Norwegian Late Junction later in the year.


    Would it possible for you to give some indication when it will be possible to hear programmes related to blog entries on the radio, as then I can make a note, either to stay up into the early hours, or to listen again on the BBC iPlayer? Have a great weekend,



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