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Christopher Cook looks forward to tonight's Firebird

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Samara Ginsberg Samara Ginsberg | 00:15 UK Time, Wednesday, 29 July 2009


I caught up with Christopher Cook at the Royal College of Music to talk Stravinsky, ballet and hearts of stone. Christopher presented the first of three talks celebrating Stravinsky ballets.



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    This is a general comment on which people may have views. Last night, listening to Bruckner 3, it seems quite clear that the broadcast sound of the string section was being suppressed in favour of the woodwind and especially the brass. And in Bruckner there ain't half a lot of brass to favour!!

    For example, in the lovely trio section, we got the woodwind changes of harmony highlighted at the start of each bar; but the idyllic tune in the strings was inaudible - the whole point of the thing.

    I've noticed this before: is it some sort of PC thing, to get away from the Karajan saturated sound into a leaner, fitter, more modern sound? If so, then I think it has gone too far. Lean sound in Bach, yes; but in Bruckner??

    What do others think about this? Or am I imagining things?


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