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Friday Reviews & Weekend Watch - 15th Jan 2010

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Producer Chris | 16:12 UK time, Friday, 15 January 2010

upintheair_nosmile.jpgUp In The Air
Classy comedy drama from the guy who made Juno - Mr Jason 'My Dad Directed Ghostbusters' Reitman. Gorgeous George is a travelling businessman without time for a life, until a casual affair starts to get a little more serious. Some lovely performances in this - check out Twilight's Anna Kendrick as Georgie's new assistant - and you gotta love its sweet optimism. Expect awards.
5 stars.

The Book Of Eli
Wow, this movie is bleak. Seriously, the first scene is of Denzel Washington killing a cat. Luckily as loner Eli (Denzel) wanders around a post-apocalyptic wasteland he gets the chance to show off his badass kung-fu moves and indulge in some verbal jousting with sleazy gang boss Carnegie (Gary Oldman) and things get interesting. Pretty smooth sci-fi.
3 stars

44 Inch Chest
Sweary Brit-flick about gangster mates kidnapping the man who's having an affair with one of their wives. It's actually less Guy Ritchie than it sounds and more of a play about guys' attitudes to women. Ray Winstone is awesome in it too, really relishing the heavy dialogue. Just a pity that, by the end, it doesn't really add up to a huge bunch.
3 stars.

All About Steve
Sandy' Bullock is a nerdy crossword fan who starts stalking a TV cameraman (Bradley Cooper) after she becomes convinced that he's in love with her. He's not. He probably just wishes, like me, that 'Sandy' would stop making dumb-ass rom-coms where she tries to convince us she's some minging numpty who can't get a boyfriend. Poor.
1 star.

If you're staying in and want to know what films are worth sticking on your TV this weekend, there here are James King's thoughts on the matter.

tux.jpgThe Tuxedo
Friday, BBC1

To be honest, there are better films on tonight but the combo of kung fu leg-end Jackie Chan and my 90s crush Jennifer Loves Chewitts means this gets my vote. Dumb but fun.

diary_bj.jpgBridget Jones Diary
Saturday, ITV1

Renee Zellwegger's film career, RIP. It was fun for a while. Here the actress who closely resembles a hamster squinting at the sun does her most famous role, drinking vodka and moaning about men.

bensiller.jpgMeet The Fockers
Sunday, BBC3

Ben Stiller's called gaylord focker. GAYLORD FOCKER! What more do you want? (Answer: robert de niro with a male substitute breastfeeding nipple). Sequel Little Fockers (LITTLE FOCKERS!!! LOL!!!) out this summer.


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