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Best Of The Blog - (500) Days Of Summer

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Producer Chris | 09:56 UK time, Friday, 1 January 2010

Ouch. My head hurts. Happy New Year to you. I hope you're head doesn't hurt and you had a lovely night. It's 2010 now. Remember that when you write your cheques. Actually if you're writing cheques what's wrong with you?

One of our top films of 2009 was the incredible '(500) Days Of Summer', and today's Best Of The Blog is a behind the scenes look at that movie. Check it out here. If you missed the film then never fear, it's out on DVD later this month.

Staying in tonight? Then why not enjoy this recommendation from James King

Sweet Home Alabama

Begin the year with Reese Witherspoon (see right) in effortless rom-com mode, leaving the bright lights of the big city to head down south to Hicksville, USA. The new SJP/Hugh Grant movie has a fairly similar plot to this and it's out today. But this one is, like, actually funny.


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