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Producer Chris | 14:38 UK time, Friday, 4 December 2009

James King is ill this week, which means there'll be no Friday Reviews, but never fear, we still have our list of good films that are on the telebox for you to watch if you're not bothering to go out and about in the cold.

Also this is a good time to point out how difficult it is for us to get certain images to use on this blog, so instead what we've done for a lot of these is just searched in the worlds worst photo archive at the BBC for things somewhat related to the film. Hence why for The History Boys it's a photo of the Natural History Museum.

History The History Boys
Friday 11:35pm BBC2
James Corden has a lot more to him than just being the funny fat bloke off Gavin and Stacey, he's a decent actor too, and his is just one of many good performances in this under-rated British play adaptation. Watch out for Dominic 'Mamma Mia' Cooper too...

Small image of LACrash
Friday 9:00pm More4

This film is set across 2 days in LA (pictured left) and pretty much has it all - brilliant cast, a series of cleverly inter-weaving plots, and some superb dialogue that makes you want to give up your day job, move to LA (pictured left) & become a screenwriter.

Mr SpielbergET
Saturday 5.05pm ITV2

ET phones home, to tell you that there isn't a better 80s retro family movie classic on the telly this weekend. If you haven't seen this movie, why not? If you have, watch it again, cos it's brilliant. That's why Steven looks so smug in his photo.

Ray Ray
Saturday 11:00pm ITV1

Jamie Foxx beat the likes of Jonny Depp, Leo DiCaprio and Clint Eastwood to win the Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of the legendary Ray Charles, and you can see why. He totally owns this film and it's one to watch for his performance alone.

Dark Night Batman Begins
Sunday 8:30pm ITV1
The Dark Knight was such a massive movie (so big that it's taken over the image of Batman Begins), that it's easy to forget the one Christopher Nolan made this before it. It's where his vision started - the dark gothic feel, the brooding Christian Bale and the big name supporting cast of Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine.

Smile Happy-Go-Lucky
Sunday 9:00pm Channel 4

Mike Leigh's likeable London drama which features the happiest, smilest person ever put into film. She never stops smiling....sometimes I wish she would. I give it 20 minutes before you think the same.


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