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James King | 13:09 UK time, Friday, 27 November 2009

Bunny & The Bull

Law Abiding Citizen
Gerry Butler attempts to expose the loopholes of the US justice system after his wife's murderer goes free. How does he do it?
By becoming a murderer himself, obviously. Totally ridiculous but with big explosions.
2 stars.

Bunny & The Bull
Eye-popping comedy from Mighy Boosh director Paul King (and featuring cameos from Noel and Julian). The tale of a road trip around Europe looks great - all cardboard sets and jumble sale clothes - but it's too trapped in its own claustrophobic world to really breakout into classic territory.
3 stars.


Always approach films using exclamation points with caution.
Nativity! is the kind of offensively inoffensive ambition-free British cack that you'd find on ITV1 on Christmas Eve. I actually can't believe Robson Greene's not in it. And are we really meant to care that two primary schools would compete ferocioulsy for the best review of their nativity play in the local paper? Poor.
1 star.


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