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This week's movie reviews...

James King | 14:08 UK time, Friday, 24 July 2009


The Proposal (pictured) - Sandra Bullock returns in fine rom-com mode as the high maintenance Canadian desperate to get a 'green card' and stay in the States. So what does she do? Marries her male assistant (Ryan Reynolds). You've seen it all before but Sandy's on fine form. 3 stars.

Skin - Brit star Sophie Okenedo (Hotel Rwanda, Aeon Flux) plays a black girl born to white parents, through a twist of genetics. In Apartheid-era South Africa, that poses more than a few issues. it's an awesome true story, but a little underwhelming on the big screen. 3 stars.

Antichrist (cert.18) Loads of controversy with this one from oddball director Lars Von Trier. It's being sold on its more shocking moments, although actually it's mainly a very slow, very pretentious, very dull tale of a grieving parents. With Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg. yawn. 1 star.



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