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Band Meeting

Edith Bowman | 12:43 UK time, Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Yeah i finally got to interview Rhys Darby, Murray from Flight of The Conchords. I have to say that he is even funnier in real life and i apologise now for my incessant laughing throughout the interview, it was hard not to. He recently starred in The Yes Man with Jim Carey and plays a DJ in The Boat That Rocked, it's funny.

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It's this week's movie reviews!

James King | 15:36 UK time, Friday, 27 March 2009


The Damned United - Michael Sheen (above) might not look like an old school footie manager but his performance as 70s boss Brian Clough makes this worth checking out. It's the tale of Cloughie's ill-fated 44 day stay as Leeds coach in 1974. 3 stars

Knowing - Dumb but fun end-of-the-world blockbuster with Nic Cage adding some welcome screwed up emotion as a grieving single dad to accompnay the awesome special FX. 4 stars

2 Lovers - Joaquin Pheonix plays a mixed-up guy with two ladies (Gwynnie Paltrow and Vinessa Shaw) on the go. Moody and miserable. 2 stars

The Haunting In Conneticut - a painfully slow and boring first half makes this story of a haunted house hard to get excited about. 2 stars

Gwyneth Paltrow and me

James King | 11:54 UK time, Thursday, 26 March 2009

Ah, lovely GP. To many she's a stuck-up New York princess who's never done a hard day's work in her life. To me she's sweet Gwynnie who I once saw down my local curry house (fact). Who am I kidding? It's hardly like we share a yoga matt in Madge's gym. But the few times I've met her she's always been charming, smiley and fun - and more than happy to talk about her website Goop, her role in Iron Man 2 and how she was once a Gossip Girl. Oh, and a bit about her dullish new film, Two Lovers. Check her out...

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Nicolas Cage - Knowing

James King | 11:53 UK time, Thursday, 26 March 2009

On my way to interviewing Nic Cage a simple mantra was silently revolving around my head: 'Don't look at the hair plugs...don't look at the hair plugs...don't look at the hair plugs.' I think I got away with it. He may have been serious - hardly surprising since his new movie Knowing is about the end of the world - and so slow I swear the little hand on my watch was going backwards, but he was kinda friendly. And the film is thankfully one of his better. Enjoy.

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It's my top 5 worst attempts at accents in the movies...ever!

James King | 12:23 UK time, Wednesday, 25 March 2009


1. Don Cheadle in Ocean's 11, 12 & 13 - at the top coz he didn't just do it once, but three times. The result? He was last seen in Hotel For Dogs.

2. Josh Hartnett in Blow Dry - if you're making a low-budget Brit flick about a hairdressing competition in Keighley, West Yorkshire, who would you choose to play a lovable local lad? The answer is obvious...ANYONE IN THE WORLD BUT JOSH HARNETT.

3. Dick van Dyke in Mary Poppins - for many, DvD's 'cock-er-nee chim-er-nee sweep' is the ultimate example of a bad movie accent. The worrying thing is, Americans still think we all speak like this.

4. Angelina Jolie in Alexander - now I'm no expert at what accents in Ancient Greece would have sounded like. But I'll hazard a guess that they didn't sound like sexed-up Russian Bond girls.

5. Gerard Butler in PS I Love You - admittedly Gerry's Spartan also had a suspiciously Highland twang in 300 but I think in that he was merely going the Connery route of just not bothering. In PS I Love You, he's actually trying to be Irish. Worrying.

Honourable mentions - Johnny Depp in Chocolat; Johnny Depp in From Hell; Johnny Depp in Sweeney Todd; Keanu Reeves in Dracula; Keanu Reeves in Much Ado About Nothing; Brad Pitt in The Devil's Own; Mel Gibson in Braveheart; Steve Martin in The Pink Panther; Jonathan Rhys-Myers in anything...the list goes on...

Wanna 'Know' what I think of Nic Cage's new movie?

James King | 12:06 UK time, Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Nic Cage has gotten spiritual. He may have flirted with touchy-feely before (the blubworthy City Of Angels) but in his latest pic Knowing, he's cast aside his action man biceps and gone full-on metrosexual.

And it works. Just about.

As grieving single dad (and...ahem...astro physicist) John Kesslar, Cage acts the most he's done in years. Not always great, admittedly - but at least the fire seems to be back in his belly after sleepwalking through recent tat such as Bangkok Dangerous and Next (I just slept). When John's son discovers a secret numerical code that reveals the date on which the world will end, it's up to father and son to do what they can in a short amount of time.

Once upon a time - in the Con Air-ish 90s - that might have involved riding around on a huge motorbike and beating up the bad guys. But for the new peace loving Cage, it's all about quality time with the family and healing old wounds. Ah...bless.

That's not to say that Knowing isn't big and ballsy. The end of the world is nigh and there are disasters a go-go, allowing directed Alex Proyas (I Robot) to go full-on with the FX. A plane crash scene is especially gutsy, demanding you see this on the biggest screen and best sound system possible. As John's world spirals out of control, the pic isn't afraid of getting dark, dirty and just plain miserable. I like that. I mean, Armageddon would hardly be fun, would it?

Knowing does let itself down though. Potential endings come and go, with the flashier ultimately chosen in favour of the intimate. That's a mistake - dodgy endings stick in the mind a long time, even if the rest of the movie is pretty awesome.

But for the most part, this delivers. A hodge podge of familiar films it may be - Deep Impact, Signs, Indiana Jones, even old 50s sci-fi - but that motley mix is the best single thing Nic's done in ages. 4 stars.

Any friend of Adam's

Edith Bowman | 14:57 UK time, Tuesday, 24 March 2009

090325_kevinjames_300.jpg a friend of ours.

Adam Sandler that is. Kevin James is the star of Paul Blart - Mall Cop which recently topped the Box Office in the US. Now i'm gonna be totally honest with you and tell you that I was late for this interview, they were a few minutes early but I was just a tad late. So I arrived in the studio and he was already sitting there with 2 of his mates, all quite large gentlemen. I apologised for my unprofessionalism, they seemed cool. I didn't even have time to read my questions, not good. Thank you Kevin, thank you so much. What a trooper and funny guy and a man who loves his golf. He did set me the challenge of getting him a round at St Andrews though! Watch this space...

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Chris O'Dowd with his nice glasses!

Edith Bowman | 14:17 UK time, Tuesday, 24 March 2009


AT LAST Chris O'Dowd was on the show. I've been a big fan of his work for ages, anyone not loving IT Crowd needs to check for a pulse. He was great value - but he did need a wee snack attack to help him through after celebrating the world premiere of his new film the night before. Salt and Vinegar crisps and chocolate - always a winner!

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Touch of Frost

Edith Bowman | 12:27 UK time, Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Nick Frost and Edith

I love this man. He's one of my favourites, not just because he likes to give me chocolate bars but because he makes me laugh. Check out his new film The Boat That Rocked where he plays a dj, which he does very well. Listen back to the one and only Nick Frost and show him some love.

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Michael Sheen

Edith Bowman | 10:45 UK time, Tuesday, 24 March 2009


This man is very very talented and it's so lovely to have a guest on who likes to talk. And talk we did about his new film The Damned Utd, Frost/Nixon and lots of other things. The film is great, based on a book about the 44 days that Brian Clough took over as manager of Leeds Utd FC. It really made me want to go to a football match and I have new found respect for Brian Clough, one of the most colourful characters in football history.


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It's this week's movie reviews!

James King | 14:22 UK time, Friday, 20 March 2009


Lesbian Vampire Killers - Corden and Horne (that's them, there) battle lady-loving bloodsuckers in rural Norfolk. How can I put this nicely? It's not Shaun Of The Dead. 2 stars.

Duplicity - double crossing and triple crossing in this ice-cool twisty turny tale of corporate theft. With Julia Roberts and Clive Owen. 4 stars

The Age Of Stupid - well meaning eco doc about what we can do to save the planet, ruined by an odd futuristic fictional bit with Pete Postlethwaite as a historian living in a tower in the sea off the coast of Norway. Yeah, I know... 3 stars

Paul Blart: Mall Cop - weirdly gentle and gag-free 'comedy' where Kevin James plays a lonley security guard, out to protect his shopping mall from robbers. Not bad, just bland. 2 stars

Warming Up

Edith Bowman | 13:43 UK time, Thursday, 19 March 2009

I think this is the most nervous i have been recently, it's Julia Roberts for goodness sake. I grew up watching all her movies and thinking she was awesome. Going along to the very plush Berkley Hotel to interview her i was bricking it and all i wanted was for her to like me. Well it started off a bit frosty but we soon god rid of that cloud and we warmed up or warmed to each other. I think.

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It's my 5 fave movie couples with chemistry!

James King | 13:25 UK time, Wednesday, 18 March 2009


1. Brad & Angelina in Mr & Mrs Smith - a film that caused such a reaction between its two stars, a new word was born...Brangelina. They don't just act together, they sizzle. And adopt kids...

2. Harrison Ford & Carrie Fisher in Star Wars Eps 4-6 - Han Solo may be a grumpy git but faced with the attitude (and armour plated bikini) of Princess Leia, he'd met his match.

3. Richard Gere & Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman and Runaway Bride - she does ditzy, he does serious. Result? Rom com heaven.

4. Rupert Grint & Emma Watson in the Harry Potter pics - Ron's certainly got to be on his toes when it comes to wooing posh chick Hermione. The good news is that the sparks have only just begun - The Half Blood Prince is out this Summer.

5. George Clooney & Jennifer Lopez in Out Of Sight - gorgeous George can charm any co-star (Julia in Ocean's 11, Michelle in One Fine Day, Renee in Leatherheads) but J-Lo's not so lucky (Ralph Fiennes in Maid In Manhatttan, anyone?) The fact she's so good in this speaks volumes.

James Corden - Legend

Producer Andy | 13:25 UK time, Wednesday, 18 March 2009

What a lege... Mr Corden very kindly came in for a good 50 minutes today to chew the fat and hang out. We talked about his new film Lesbian Vampire Killers and the new sketch show Horne and Corden (BBC 3 Tuesday 10.30pm) amongst other things. It was really honest of James to talk about how worried he is about over exposure and the bits of negative press they are getting for the sketch show. Don't believe everything you read, check it out for yourself.

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Can we stop calling it a honeymoon

Edith Bowman | 15:28 UK time, Monday, 16 March 2009

James CordenJames Corden will be joining us live in the studio tomorrow to talk about his new film Lesbian Vampire Killers, amongst other things.

Thought it might be nice to get James to answer your questions on our new shiny movies blog. So get em in!...(and I'll try to get as many of em answered as possible...)


It's this week's movie reviews!

James King | 16:14 UK time, Friday, 13 March 2009


Hush (above) - Brit thriller about a girl that goes missing at a motorway service station. It may be familar feeling but it's still well done. 4 stars

Marley & Me - Gormless slush with Owen Wilson and Janiston as a couple who buy a dog and, like...some stuff happens. Yawn. 1 star

Bronson - surreal biopic of 'Britain's most violent prisoner' Charlie Bronson, with Tom Hardy on shocking form even if the pic's weird atmosphere is a bit hardgoing. 3 stars

The Burning Plain - Charlize Theron leads this story about a bunch of random people who all share a secret from her troubled childhood. A bit dull. 2 stars

My 5 favourite animal movies!

James King | 14:33 UK time, Wednesday, 11 March 2009


1. Babe (1996) A perfect animal pic. Cute? Yes. Funny? Definately. But with an underlying darkness to it that all great kids movies should have (Babe 2 went even darker). Great FX too - you'll believe a pig can talk.

2. Best In Show (2000) From the team that made rock spoof This Is Spinal Tap, comes a cheeky 'mockumentary' about the world of dog shows. Hilarious, improvised genius.

3. March Of The Penguins (2005) That a camera crew managed to get this close is special enough. That they can make us care about a penguin love story is even better. With spine-tingling narration from Morgan Freeman.

4. King Kong (2005) There's been a few versions of this big monkey tale but Peter Jackson's most recent made you care more than ever by getting, dare I say it, romantic. Breathtaking.

5. Turner & Hooch (1989) A young Tom Hanks plays it briiliantly nerdy alongside a slobbering Dogue de Bordeaux in this genuinely funny cop thriller.

Watch out Jen! Here's my Marley & Me review...

James King | 13:01 UK time, Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Marley & Me is so sugary and sweet that tickets should come with free toothpaste. It's also a film where nothing really happens. It's just a lot of...stuff.

The pic is based on newspaper columns by author John Grogan - columns about the everyday events of his life - and this is a film obsessed with the humdrum minutiae. Dog eats 'phone book; dog goes for a swim; dog takes a dump - like, big wow. It's a film version of someone saying 'Hey, a really HILARIOUS thing happened to me the other day' and you just switch off coz actually it's really dull. If Marley & Me is attempting to be zen-like in its minimalism then it fails by being so narcissistically obsessed with its own cuteness. I'm guessing it isn't though.

Owen Wilson and Jennier Aniston star. Their 'loveable kookiness' levels turned up to 11, but without any real impact. That's a real shock for Owen, so often awesome with his bewitching weirdness. Here he's just like Marley after visiting the vet's - without any testicles.

Occasionally the film hints that John (Owen) might be jealous of his wife's journalistic success and sad that his bachelor years are behind him. Those moments quickly pass, racing to a final 20 minutes that are so horribly schmaltzy, no manipulative sob story too low, they're perhaps the worst in cinema this year. Much of Marley & Me isn't really about anything but that finale rams home a vom-inducing message about All American, white, middle-class, two point four kids cosiness that should be consigned to hokey greetings card rather than polluting our multiplexes.

I left the cinema choking on a niceness overload, suffocated by what's basically 'Andrex Puppy: The Movie'. 1 star.

Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson and me!

Edith Bowman | 11:30 UK time, Wednesday, 11 March 2009

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Ok so the film isn't brain surgery and to be honest we didn't talk that much about Marley and Me, but I had THE best time hanging out with J'Aniston and Owen for over 30 minutes.

It was quite a funny experience actually, I was doing two interviews back to back. The first was for a TV special on the film and then our Radio 1 interview straight afterwards. That meant me and them sitting put whilst producers swapped over after 15 minutes. They found it hilarious and for some strange reason, whilst we were waiting for Freya to set the microphones up we got on the subject of breast feeding!!! I know, why? I have no idea.

Check out the interview if you missed it and let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

Another day, another movie star!

Producer Freya | 13:40 UK time, Tuesday, 10 March 2009

This was a big deal, a really big deal.

Julia Flippin Roberts! I was nervous....more nervous than I have been in ages. We were there uber early, which always gets the adrenalin pumping, just what I needed.

You can hear Julia next week on the show and see her too as we filmed it. The film is Duplicity with Clive Owen. So while we waited for the arrival of Julia, Freya and I were larking around and look what we found?

Nice Shades

Edith Bowman | 14:28 UK time, Friday, 6 March 2009

This morning i went along to see the new animated film from the makers of Shrek, 'Monsters v's Aliens,' In 3 bloomin D!!! Check these shades out. Shame i couldn't take them home.


American Teen - exclusive clip

James King | 14:14 UK time, Friday, 6 March 2009

If you want the real American Pie then check out this new documentary that follows 4 Indiana high-schoolers in their final year. A real raw and honest insight into what's going through their minds (and a great soundtrack too). Here's an EXCLUSIVE clip for ya...

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This week's new movies!

James King | 14:06 UK time, Friday, 6 March 2009

  • Watchmen (18 cert) - brilliantly gutsy remix of super hero mythology where only an average last 20 mins stop it from being perfect. 4 stars.
  • The Young Victoria - Emily Blunt radiates as our longest reigning monarch but is let down by a very slow script. Where not much happens, really. 3 stars.
  • Surveillance (18 cert) - Pointlesss but entertainingly weird tale of murder in the American desert, directed by the daughter of arthouse supremo David 'Mulholland Drive' Lynch. 3 stars.
  • American Teen - Insightful docu that follows 4 seniors in their last year at school. Occasionally fake feeling but always feelgood. 3 stars.
  • Wendy & Lucy - Michelle Williams is awesome in this lo-fi tale of a homeless girl and her dog caught penniless in a nowhersville American town. Haunting. 5 stars.

Watchmen - Dr Manhattan and Ozymandias

Producer Andy | 12:58 UK time, Friday, 6 March 2009

Today you get our 4th and final Watchmen vid. This one has James chatting to Billy Crudup (who plays Dr Manhattan) and Matthew Goode (who plays Ozymandias)

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James interviews more Watchmen stars

Producer Andy | 13:41 UK time, Thursday, 5 March 2009

Time for the third of our Watchmen vids. Today, we've got James King chatting to Jackie Earle Haley (who plays Rorschach) and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (who plays The Comedian). These guys do scary very well...

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Dirty Prancing - Swayze Horse Tattoo!

Producer Andy | 12:29 UK time, Thursday, 5 March 2009

Here's something for everyone in the office to have a look at...a tattoo of Patrick Swayze as a centaur! Check it out here...

Another cracker

Edith Bowman | 16:45 UK time, Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Emily Blunt was on the show today and I know I seem to say this a lot but she really was brilliant. We have been so lucky with our guests on the show, I am kind of waiting for a right stinker! But not today. Producer Andy was very taken with her in fact after she left he mentioned her about every 5 mins. I think it's because she reminds him of his lovely wife. Emily was talking about her new film The Young Victoria amongst other things and the good news is she promised to come back in a few months with Benicio Del Toro to talk about their film Wolfman. Yipeeeeeee. Off to a school night hen do. HELP x x E

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Emily Blunt exclusive

Producer Andy | 14:35 UK time, Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Hi, it's Producer Andy here, and here's today's guest Emily Blunt with a blog exclusive for you! She's picked two films - one she'd put in Movie Heaven...and one she'd consign to eternal damnation in Movie Hell! Over to you Emily...

"Heaven for me is 'East of Eden' with James Dean it is the most beautiful raw story about a disfunctional family and the yearning for forgiveness. Dean will blow your mind he is phenomenal. Movie hell is definitely 'Dirty Dancing Havana Nights' - I am an obsessive follower of the original and no one puts Patrick Swayze in the corner!"

Thanks Emily - we'll try and get more blog exclusives for you from our guests. Meanwhile, tell us whether you agree with Emily's choices and let us know your own picks of films to go in Movie Heaven and Movie Hell!

Video: James chats to the Watchmen director

Producer Andy | 14:21 UK time, Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Producer Andy here. We're loving the new Radio 1 Movies Blog... the treats are coming thick and fast. Here's day 2 of our Watchmen videos. This one has James talking to Director Zac Snyder...he had the unenviable task of turning one of the most important graphic novels of all time into a fittingly epic movie. No pressure Zac!

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On the move

Edith Bowman | 13:15 UK time, Wednesday, 4 March 2009

So as I make my way into work, I'm just testing to see if I can do this from my phone. If you are reading this now, it worked! Now and again the film companies very conveniently have DVD copies of some of the films we need to watch.

So I got my popcorn in the microwave last night and sat down to watch The Young Victoria, starring Rupert Friend and Emily Blunt.

Emily is coming on the show today and I have to say she is quite mesmerizing in her first leading role. I like films that you can learn stuff from, a wonderful story, a real story told brilliantly on the big screen. Looking forward to meeting Emily again this afternoon. If you have any questions - post them and we'll try and ask her! If you need a reminder of how she looks - there is a pic below.

x x E

Dah Dah Dah Dah in a 20th Century Fox styleeeeeee

Edith Bowman | 15:05 UK time, Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Hello and welcome to our brand new blog. How exciting! The plan my fellow movie fans is to keep each other up to date on what we love, and maybe love not so much on all things movie related. Please feel free to post your comments as often as you like, about whatever you like. We will try our best to keep you updated on what we've seen, who we have spoken to and what we think you should see.

We are so very lucky with all the stars we get on the show, especially when they make the effort to come and hang out in the studio. Right here is where you can see and hear it all, we'll give you extra stuff from what you hear on the show like uncut interviews, behind the scenes pictures and regular blog updates.

Next week we have Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston who were very funny talking about their new film Marley and Me and tomorrow on the show Emily Blunt is joining us live in the studio to talk about her new film Young Victoria. Emily has been on the show before, it was around the Jane Austin Book Club time and what a top chick. If you have any pressing questions get them in to us here by just commenting and i promise to try and ask them.

Check out James King's Watchmen interview below - there will be a new one each day for the rest of this week!

Ok i think that's enough from me right now but thanks for having a look at our spangly new blog and i'll be back soon x x x e

Movie Heaven and Hell

Edith Bowman | 15:00 UK time, Tuesday, 3 March 2009

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To celebrate the new Movies Blog, here's James and I doing 'Movie Heaven, Movie Hell' we're nominating our favourite and least favourite filmstars who we've interviewed

At last! Watchmen makes it to the big screen...

James King | 13:19 UK time, Tuesday, 3 March 2009

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It's been a long time coming but finally the "greatest comic book ever" hits multiplexes. Its gutsy, multi-layered storyline may have flummoxed many a film-maker since it first came out in the 80s but 300 visionary Zach Snyder refused to shy away from the challenge. And you know what? He's nailed it.

Sure, Alan Moore (the writer of the graphic novel) may have never intended it to be a movie but Snyder's done his damndest to make this as cinematic as possible, losing only a couple of the edges that made the book so groundbreaking.

So if you want your superheroes washed up, psychotic and depressed then look no further. Watchmen kicks serious butt, The Dark Knight of 2009, daring to go where others shy away from. What's more, we've got all the movie talent right here too..!

Every superhero movie needs eye candy and today's video is all about Watchmen's beautiful people... Malin Akerman (Laurie Jupiter), Patrick Wilson (Dan Dreiberg) and Carla Gugino (Sally Jupiter).

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