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  1. Controller

    Our mantra in the UK radio industry to "cooperate on technology, compete on content" has never felt more important.

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  2. Director of Audio & Music

    Today we announced a series of new programmes which will be appearing on our digital radio stations. Also, we confirmed that we are changing the name of BBC Radio 7 to BBC Radio 4 Extra in April. You can find all the details in the press release. Some people have questioned why we are altering ...

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  3. Head of Interactive, Radio 3

    Using a beta (test) version of a service called Storify we've rounded up the reaction in the press, on the blogs and on the social networks to this morning's RAJAR numbers. What's your opinion of the numbers? Log in to leave a comment. Steve Bowbrick, blogs editor RAJAR (Radio Joint Audie...

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  4. Editor's note: Tim Davie was interviewed on today's Feedback, Radio 4's weekly accountability programme - SB. "The BBC should be ashamed of themselves for running this ad. They are telling their listeners to buy something they know isn't ready for us yet." That was William Rogers, Chief Execut...

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