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Tuesday 21 September 2010, 18:20

Steve Bowbrick Steve Bowbrick Head of Interactive, Radio 3

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Senior managers at BBC Audio & Music are already keen bloggers. The Controllers of Radio 3, Radio 4 and 5 live have had their own blogs for some time and others have blogged on the BBC Internet blog, the BBC Music blog and on various technical blogs. The latest to jump in is the boss, Director of BBC Audio & Music Tim Davie. His first blog post is a celebration of live music and radio and will be published here tomorrow.

And here on the new radio blog, alongside Tim's posts, we'll be publishing links to blog posts and discussions about BBC radio from around bbc.co.uk and from elsewhere and we'll be encouraging you to get involved by commenting on blog posts. Start by telling us what you'd like to see on the BBC Radio blog by leaving a comment here.

Steve Bowbrick, blogs editor, BBC Audio & Music

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    Comment number 1.

    Is this just to reflect national radio or will it look at local radio and brands like BBC Introducing as well?

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    Comment number 2.

    How much dialogue is there between the Trust and the Executive in the generation of the Trust's report of its recent review of Radios 3/4/7?


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    Comment number 3.

    Up Your Ego, I expect we'll provide a place for managers and editors from all of BBC radio - including local - to talk to listeners. The same goes for individual brands like Introducing but there is already an excellent BBC Music blog (where Radio 1 Controller Andy Parfitt recently wrote about Introducing, for instance) so it's likely that most music posts will stay there.

    Russ, that question is definitely about a mile above my pay grade so I'm going to add it to my list of 'stuff to raise with management'. I think that the review of Radio 3, Radio 4 and Radio 7 is likely to be a fairly big topic around here, though, so I might legitimately say 'watch this space.'

    Steve Bowbrick, blogs editor

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    Comment number 4.

    You are right about the groundswell against playlists, and particularly where it's even more appropriate i.e. a station like 6Music. This is indeed -mostly - a 'curated' station where the music knowledge of the listeners and DJs is on a par. More than that, the purpose of 6Music is the ideal outlet for the left-field and unsigned acts that have the ability to shift the mainstream in their direction, not vice versa. It should be a creative dialogue rather than a three line poem repeated throughout the day.

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    Comment number 5.

    Thankyou Steve. I e-mailed the Trust over two weeks' ago asking when it expected to issue its interim conclusions on the recent review of Radios 3, 4 and 7, but as yet I have had no response. Will there be an interim set of conclusions, as I believe might be the norm for such reviews, or will the final report (to be published "in the winter") be the first thing we and the BBC see?



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