Putting Radio 1's Hackney Weekend online

Saturday 23 June 2012, 17:30

Sam Bailey Sam Bailey Interactive editor

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Emeli Sande - Heaven Emeli Sande performing at Hackney Weekend

In my last blogpost, I promised to try to update the blog from backstage at Hackney Weekend. Well, it's finally here. And, I keep having to pinch myself a bit, as this event has been so long in the planning. Roughly nine months of my time, and much more for some other people.

I've attached a few photos from the BBC Interactive compound, to show what we're up to. The main thing we're focussed on from here, is live streaming. We have five stages, and a backstage feed, available to watch live on computer and on mobile.

It's not just a case of plugging a wire into a laptop. Before we even encode the streams for the web, we go through a process called Compliance. While we can't always prevent artists from using strong language in their performances, we work hard to warn the audience that it might happen, and to apologise if it does.

On site editing and compliance On site editing and compliance

The team on the right of this picture are complying, and the team on the left are then editing the performances into packages to publish as on-demand videos, which will be up for 30 days after the event. This video packages are sent back to a team working overnight shifts at Broadcasting House, uploading the videos so they are up as quickly as possible.

In previous years, we've encoded our live streams on site. This year, we're actually beaming the video signals back to BBC Television Centre, and our colleagues in BBC Sport in Salford are encoding them using the live streaming infrastructure that's all poised ready for the Olympics. Like all good boy scouts though, we are prepared for all eventualities, and have our backup laptops here, just in case.

Back up encoding laptops Back up encoding laptops

There's loads of other experimental bits going on alongside our core offer. We have a 'best of' live stream going out on the Radio 1 YouTube channel and on Radio 1's Facebook page. We have a group of young Hackney journalists running a special Tumblr feed from out in the arena on their mobile phones. And Radio 1 TV is providing a backstage view, following the Radio 1 DJs around wherever they go.

I hope you're enjoying the coverage. I better crack on. I'll do another blog post next week, when the dust has settled.

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